2.0 Status and Description

The status of the ZOCF shall be that of a (Non-Profitable/Profitable) Charity registered under the UK Charity Act XXXXX

In accordance with the desire of its vision as born in the hearts of the vision bearers herein after called the founders, its name in part (Christian Fellowship) and description shall bear the name Christian as a demonstration of its fundamental foundation, which is and shall remain based on ONLY and ONLY the Christian faith and its Biblical teachings and principles. ZOCF is and shall, however, remain non-denominational christian fellowship, and shall operate and conduct itself at any level in a manner that is consistent with its status or description as stated herein. The founders recognise that, every God-given vision takes more than the people to whom it has been entrusted or born-through for it to be accomplished.

The Purpose of the ZOCF vision is robust. For this reason everyone is invited becoming part of it.