5.0 Main Purposes

  1. Provide fellowship and spiritual nourishment to all citizens of Zambia, and residing in the United Kingdom.
  2. provide a source of information and a basis of awareness to the needs among Zambians in UK and in Zambia.
  3. to promote and facilitate networks among professional and non-professionals, who are all citizens of Zambia, and residing in the United Kingdom.
  4. to promote and facilitate partnership between the members of the ZOCF and any other persons legally supporting the Purposes of the ZOCF.
  5. to provide a forum through which to support members of the ZOCF during times of illness or bereavement within a member's immediate family; and to promote and support the development of stronger cultural ties among the citizens of Zambia in the UK.
  6. to promote the development of a resource pool of Zambian intellectuals and professional in the UK, from which the Government of Zambia can identify potential human resource to work in Zambia.
  7. To facilitate for Zambians and partners wishing to make donations or any other form of contribution to Zambians at home.
  8. Provide support for Zambians intending to start organisations, businesses, careers, churches, ministries and charities here in UK.

Further details of the aims and objectives can be found in the appendix of this document