8.0 Powers, Rights, & Decisions

  • The ZOCF shall have a general body of members and every individual member's rights shall rank at par with that of other members irrespective of the class of membership.
  • The Chairman of the ZOCF shall have powers to call meetings of both the National/Executive committee meetings and of the general body of members, as and when appropriate, and stating the time and place for any such meeting.
  • The National/Executive committee shall have powers to make decisions based on either, collective agreement, simple majority and or spiritual insight and discernment which shall be backed by sound and clearly explained biblical truth and teaching.
  • Every bonafide memberís opinion shall be regarded as important but a final decision will rest in the National committee. Where an important matter arises, a decision can be placed in the powers of the general body members in which case a simple majority needs to be reached in order for the decision to be passed and accepted.
  • Where an important matter arises, as viewed by a least four members of the ZOCF, and the Chairman being aware of the matter, does not call for a meeting, at least two of the four or more members who are aware, may collectively call for an extraordinary meeting of the National/Executive committee or the general body members to resolve the matter.
  • The National/Executive committee will have powers to impose disciplinary measures on any member of the committee or any member of the ZOCF general body. Disciplinary measures may in the worst case, be removal from the committee and or loss of ZOCF membership. The ground upon which an National/executive member may be removed include the following, but is not limited to:
    1. directly or indirectly participating in the financial mismanagement of assets of the ZOCF;
    2. non-attendance of more than four consecutive meetings of without providing any reasonable explanation.
    3. clear evidence of insubordination of fellow committee member; and
    4. evidence of improper conduct that could impair an individual's ability to either sit on the committee and perform functions honourably.

The decisions of the National/executive committee or of an extraordinary meeting held on a very important matter resulting in removal of a leader from office is final and the removed persons shall not be eligible to hold office in the ZOCF again, unless deemed otherwise by the expelling committee, but the removed may retain their membership.