9.0 Leadership Structure & Tenure

The leadership structure of the ZOCF is as shown in the Appendix of this document, with the Chairman being the highest position. The term of tenure for any position of a leader at any level in the ZOCF shall be limited to a maximum of two years, after which either a new leader will be ushered in or the outgoing continues for another terms. The number of terms shall be limited to two/ be perpetual.

A leader may wish to step down from his or her position at any time of during the term of tenure or before the expiry of the term by giving a three months notice. The National /executive committee shall appoint a new leader or an interim leader if the period to the end of the term is or less than six months. All reports and records shall be properly accounted for by the outgoing leaders before leaving office.

The current National/executive committee of the ZOCF shall run until 23rd October 2005, and the next committee shall be expected to take up office the following day. Official thanksgiving and ushering-in ceremony of the outgoing and in-coming new committee shall be conducted one after the other respectively during on the Independence Day Celebrations event of that particular year.